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Military and Civilian Spouses’ Club FAQs

What does my membership cost, cover, and who can join?

Your membership dues cover your participation at MCSC mixers and social clubs from August - May. Please note that your meal at luncheons is a separate cost, and social clubs may also have additional costs depending on the activity. All spouses of service members, contractors, (if living on Fort Irwin), and DOD civilians of the Fort Irwin community are invited to join MCSC.

Do I have to attend all monthly mixers?

Absolutely not! The extent of your involvement in the club is completely up to you. We do not require you to attend a minimum number of luncheons or events.

What are Social Clubs?

You can think of social clubs, or sub-clubs, as mini groups within MCSC based on specific interests and activities. Please check out the Social Club section on our website for a full list of our social clubs. Some examples are Book Club, Bunco Club and Wine Club.

How can I get involved with volunteering?

For anyone interested in volunteering your time within the MCSC community please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at:

What does it mean to be a Non-Profit?

Being a Non-Profit is a legal entity organized and operated for a collective, public or social benefit, in contrast with an entity that operates as a business aiming to generate a profit for its owners.


All private organizations are self-sustaining. The Government assumes no obligation for any private organization, unless there exists a contractural relationship. Private organizations will not receive financial assistance from the installation. Please contract the Webmaster at if you notice errors on this site, or if you have questions pertaining to this sit.

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